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Farmer's Daughters (1976) (USA) (eng)- xMackDaddy69

Publicado por 9 meses atrás

"Life on the farm is kinda Laid back..." Gloria Leonard - Susan McBain - Nancy Dare - Marlene Willoughby - Spalding Gray - Jon Black - Philip Marlowe - Zebedy Colt - Bill Cort -

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BogenGelder 1 month atrás
Thanks for this really hot classic in decent quality
swallow1972 1 month atrás
tittenufotzenficker 2 meses atrás
coole story
rocean333 3 meses atrás
100% agree! 
en respuesta a SilentWings (Mostrar comentario)
Original-1970-USA 4 meses atrás
((( BETTER QUALITY !!! ))) (((AUDiO SYNC FiX))) go here:
Pck28540 5 meses atrás
great video lol
SilentWings 5 meses atrás
That's precisely what is so great in vintage porn..  Every day people and the girl next door in great kinky stories.. .... not like the Ken and Barbies with fake everything plus the trendy tatoos of the internet age .. doing the same old tricks from shooting to shooting
But to each his own tastes  ..  Imho the "daughter"  with curly dark hair is  beautiful
en respuesta a 10FUCKINGINCHES (Mostrar comentario)
droogyxxx 5 meses atrás
a cheesy clasic!!!
clipclap667 5 meses atrás
10FUCKINGINCHES 6 meses atrás
lol..i have to say, this is one of the most unattractive ensemble of performers I've ever seen in a Pornographic film ever. The scenarios were interesting however. 
omar69in 7 meses atrás
abbryan 9 meses atrás
Great vintage movie with best quality I have seen.  Thanks for posting!
moralelastix 9 meses atrás
Finally in good quality, thanks!
xmackdaddy69 9 meses atrás
LOL "best of week No. #39"  even with bad sound that means something (Vintage is big coming)
Duffback 9 meses atrás
Good times with natural girls.
xMackDaddy 9 meses atrás
poor farmer boy ...this 3 girls raped 'em hard
RM66 9 meses atrás
I had this on VHS now
lorrain3_blad3 9 meses atrás
en respuesta a tugjob83 (Mostrar comentario)
tugjob83 9 meses atrás
They don't make em like they used to...
sunjana 9 meses atrás
Dimpledave 9 meses atrás
Really hot!
seakayak 9 meses atrás
Thanks! I have seen other copies of this but this one has much better video quality. It's a mid-70's classic showing Leonard, McBain, and Willoughby right at the start of their porn careers in NY. :)
AlexKat0 9 meses atrás
old and super!!!
supmop 9 meses atrás
Thank you, have been looking for this one since long time ago, please add more vintage porn vids please ;)
k8fan 9 meses atrás
Well tagged! Spalding Grey was the monologist who made films like "Swimming To Cambodia" about his experience acting in "Apocalypse Now."
DeadXxXPool 9 meses atrás
lorrain3_blad3 9 meses atrás
LOOOOVE this vintage action
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