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Historias sexuales móvil gratis

Left, Right, Center
I’ve been widowed for 10 years. My lovely wife of 32 years came from a rural f****y into which I was accepted completely. She had 2 s****rs and a b*****r: Mary (married to an asshole), Jean (single), ...
52 black fridays
Convincing my wife at try another cock was the hardest part. It took over a year of careful suggestions always being sure to not over play my hand. Then that one night the stars were aligned just righ...
Chronicles of Rima - 1
It happened one day about 6 years after Abhi and Rima had been married. As is the norm, she had met many persons in the marriage. Some nice, some not so nice but she had developed a liking for two per...
Weekend Dinner Party
As my wife and I are now the property of our black
master, TK, we were told we were to attend a weekend
dinner party being thrown at a large country house,
owned by a powerful and rich black fin...
I shaved daddy's balls, and more.
As I told my story I still failed to see the significance of my actions, only just accepting my actions were different, from what the majority thought.
For me, nature was my guiding influence, if i...
NBWO - Slavery
Marcia had been lucky to get a position as a research assistant after she graduated. While England didn’t have the same reparation laws that had been invoked in America, it did have some pretty speci...
mum & sons
I just got out of the shower when the door opened and my gran walked in on me,
“bl**dy hell” she cried out,
Mum was just passing and dashed in behind her,
“what is it” she asked in a panic,
Watching from The Bar. Part 1.
My wife, Helen, and I, Steve, are both now into middle age, but we have both kept ourselves trim and fit. Especially Helen. She looks even better now, in my eyes, that when she was younger. The few ex...
Rica cums to visit
Rica comes to visit

You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – by SBarak1
You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – a story by SBarak1
I had finished a contracting role and had a few weeks off before starting my next assignment. It was time to catch up on some odd jobs aroun...
First sexual experience
In that period I had only one close friend that we were always together no matter what.
We wanted to start exploring ourselves as we spend more and more time together,so we did that.
First we starte...
Jack ruled his f****y and what he said was not questioned. He decided what they ate and what they wore and everything that went on in the house. He made the rule that no clothes were worn by the wife ...
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