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Boss Turned me Into a Shemale
I should've guessed something was up when my boss Victoria winked at me on our way into the office. She's about 5'9", 130lbs, she just got a boob job last winter, and as she walks by her ass bounces i...
Whiteboi BBC Worship Guide
This guide is intended for every whiteboi out there wishing to please his black daddy or any black man bcz this is hi duty.
First you should be totally naked with a butt plug in your ass and chast...
My Second Time FUCKED PT2
How could I have let this happen? Every bit of it was my fault. I was responsible for the gag in my mouth and the handcuffs on my wrists. No doubt it was my fault that I was bent over the corner of a ...
Ann Marie Fisher - Party Fuck
My sister has been living at my house rent free for months. I have been feeding her, giving her gas money, buying her clothes, ect... I finally told her it was time to pay up or get out. She said she ...
My Second Time FUCKED Gay
I had just been fucked for the first time. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Some stranger had just used my ass for their own pleasure. Someone had stuck their dick INSIDE me. What was I doing?...
Episode 88: Copenhagen Conference
Author’s Note
This story is part of a mini-series that started with a little girl called Grace going shopping with her Dad for a new black bikini in Episode 83.
No characters in this episode a...
Teen Titans: Sisterlust
"Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos," Raven chanted slowly. She was hovering in the air with her lags crosed inward. Her focus was on her center, and properly channeling her energies. Or, at least, it should h...
My sister and me
Sorry for the bad English, I'm writing through an interpreter!
Briefly about my sister: my cousin, we are the same age (21 years old). Thin with a small chest and middle ass. The vulgar, can calmly t...
My life as a cross dresser 4 TRUE STORY
I kept the knickers for a number of years, as a trophy, I couldn't tell you how many times I used those knickers while masturbating, thinking back, over what I saw that night still makes me feel horny...
The Truth About Bethie - The First Part (Chapters
9. Bethie's wish
We cuddled and pecked and necked for a good little while after that. Not worrying about pictures, just enjoying ourselves. I was by then completely in her spell, so comforted from my...
Just a peek
I like to switch up the routes I take when walking my dog in the evening. This was one of those occasions when I decided to go someplace different. I walked along the grass area stopping occasionally ...
Silkie goes to a porn theater (1970)@2016
"How does that feel, Leo, if I push my ass on you like that? How does that feel, baby?"
" If he comes before I do, I'm gonna be really pissed. Can't have that. I need to come, I really need it, I don...
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