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Thank You Bitch! Owned
I am a mid 30's fairly attractive male who has always been Bi-Curious. I prefer women but have always wanted to suck a cock. My biggest fantasies are a MFM threesome and to be used and dominated by a...
The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 6)
(Things get rough) The pool, the kitchen and now the bedroom. What a perfectly sexy day I was having making love to my girlfriend Kathy. But I knew the tone was changing. When my blonde amazon lover...
New GF Dominates Me!
I met a woman online about 5 years ago who seemed willing to dominate me. It is a fantasy I have had for years and have been looking for a woman to dominate and use me. Janet asked me to meet her firs...
I'm Fucked Option Two! Gay
I have always craved humiliation ever since I was with a girl who humiliated me for my premature ejaculation and my small penis. I saw an ad online for a girl who loves submissive guys and we chatted...
You must be Gay with That Little Cock!
Since I was 21 I have been frequenting many different Adult bookstores. I loved watching all sorts of kinky movies and jacking off. I have had numerous bi fantasies especially after seeing the bi and...
Wife come's home Early Busted
Last night my wife Janet was out on the town with friends and wasn't due back until after midnight so I thought I would try a few new masturbation ideas and fantasies I had. I grabbed my wife’s 7" rub...
Hello. My name is Jeannie. Jeannie the Genie who was created by Sidney Sheldon and a cult tv show aired back in the 1960s starring the handsome RIP Larry Hagman As Major Tony Nelson and the stunningly...
Back in the early days of my marriage I met friends of wife Sarah,s Family Harold and Elise Harrison who my late in-laws first met when in holiday(vacation) in Broadstairs, Kent about 1956. Unlike my...
Evans alpha dad and sissy me
Growing up I was always one of the slimmest boys of the group. I've always been the white boy of the bunch & the only with blue eyes. People I attended school with were mostly Native American an...
Becoming a Kissogram Girl Parts 1 to 4
(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are based on a very good friend of mines adventures. Though the story is based on truth the characters are fictional and bare no relationship to p...
Should Probably Not Have Happened
Her name was Rachel.... just turned nineteen...… This week her hair was a long deep brown... she was wearing her blue uniform top and the sparkly trimmed blue jeans that fit her little yet curvaceou...
True Stories: I'm attracted to older men and
I'm currently a resident of Colorado I am originally from the deep south I have always for some strange reason had a serious attraction to older men. I don't want to lose my anal virginity but I do w...
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